onsdag, november 02, 2005

Editorial Correspondence

Foreign correspondent:
Erm, right, er, ahem.
So.... I have tried for way too long to write this article, and have
discovered two things:
01: I am not a writer (should I be surprised by this?).
02: I hate the sound of my own voice.

Oh, yes, and three:
03: I am deeply fucking trivial.

This bothers me.
You may be waiting a very long time dear girl.
FC x

Lol. *she does the grand gesture * ah, to work with the superstars! *then sighs profoundly *. No my sweet, you woulda been fh***in eloquent, but I am hardly surprised. I have decided to rip off your History of Gaming as a payback – don’t get mad, get even would be the device in question – but do it properly this time, with the necessary academic backing to do the classifications of games in a digital age that I find is missing, not unlike the timelines the typographers have been honing for decades already. Norway is a near blank spot on the map as far as game design is concerned, we are in a learning process. A small essay on an age old chinese game may also come in2 question seeing as your article slipped thru my fingers, (yes I do love being obscure and to work with the litterati in general as well as with the sorely lacking design theorists in this godforsaken place. Yes, we are celebrating our 100 yrs of freedom from Sweeden this year and yes, I would so like to emigrate). Ah, well. A man who is verbose and droll to the extent u are when in conversation could hardly be a poor writer is my view, but I recognize that this may be a point of self appreciation. I will not press the issue. Or will I ...?

Tenderly albeit dryly on the cheek


Blogger Insensatez said...

The one that got away. Synopsis:

Foreign Correspondent:
Hello chief,

Well. There we have it. I must be a deeply disagreeable man. There are no two ways about it.

After all, you come to me saying 'gaming', and what's my reaction.... 'I hate gaming. I almost despise it. It makes me livid. I'm distrustful of it. I think it's a plot. Numbing the planet. Theories abound. The cruelty of supplying, at a price, escapist fantasies to people with no real hope of escape, and no way of fulfilling these fantasies. Call it Soma, I fear for the world.

It's Orwellian. Placate and numb the protelariat. 'Yes, we would have had a revolution, but we were on level 4 and the time just flew by....'

So perhaps not the response you were hoping for....... but then maybe you were...... hmmmmmm .......... I know your game Ms E oh yes.................

If you were in the market for an absolute assassination of gaming, then I'm your man. Hello.

Music videos are crap too. That's none too elegant a turn of words, but nonetheless, quite true without one solitary exception.
How the devil are you?
FC xxx

I am … hmm … I must be, in love. I feel all tingly inside. Give me this article!


Foreign Correspondent, again:
.... not to mention that gaming is symptomatic of an extraordinary number of adults who wish to remain children in some sense (voluntary autism, idiot savant volunteers?), whilst society actively tries to lure children into premature adulthood and premature sexualisation. In a continent obsessed with paedophilia, this strikes me as rather odd.......

(you'll be getting e-mails like this for weeks now)

(better pour yourself a stiff drink)


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